8 Cheap Dinners to Make This Week

I stress over making dinner. Not only are my boys picky with what they will eat, but it’s hard to keep the costs of meals down.

One thing that has helped my family is meal planning. If I plan ahead and have all the meals that we will be eating on our calendar then my stress level is much lower. The key is finding a meal plan for each night that won’t break the bank.

This is why I went on a hunt to find cheap dinners to make this week because I needed some new ideas.

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8 Cheap Dinners to Make This Week

#1 – Lentil and Butternut Squash Chili

Warm up this fall with the delicious hearty vegetarian chili. This chunky bowl of comfort food is easy and quick to make – and as an added bonus, you can even freeze it! Recipe here.

#2 – 3 Ingredient Pulled Pork

Thing burgers are just for summer time? Think again! These easy 3 ingredient pulled pork sandwiches will be a family favorite any time of year! Recipe here.

#3 – Baked Eggs in Marinara Sauce

Another delicious 3 ingredient recipe. And the best part? You’ll likely have all the ingredients in the house already! What better way to start (or finish!) a long week. Recipe here.

#4 – Margherita French Bread Pizza

$3 dinner? And it’s pizza? Everyone loves pizza so it definitely makes a winner in any household and it’s a nice alternative to an unhealthy expensive takeaway. Winner winner chicken pizza dinner. Recipe here.

#5 – Ham and Cheese Tortellini

Loaded with ham, peas and cheese-filled tortellini – this dish is SO delicious and comforting – perfect for those cold rainy days. Recipe here.

#6 – Taco Pizza

Just come home and don’t have an hour to cook up a feast? With a cream cheese/sour cream “sauce” and spicy taco flavor, this Taco Pizza is PERFECT. Recipe here.

#7 – One-Pan Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli and Rice

One-pan dishes are the best thing since sliced bread! Easy to cook, easy to wash up. Give this delicious dish a whirl, it’s comforting, delicious AND you can hide the broccoli in cheese. Genius. Recipe here.

#8 – Lemon Butter Cod

Calling all fish lovers! This delicious baked lemon butter cod is easy, quick and, quite frankly, amazing. Add some rice, quinoa, potatoes and you’ve made yourself a restaurant worthy dinner (at a fraction of a price!). Recipe here. 

I love that these meal look delicious and they don’t cost a lot! Which one of these cheap dinners will you make?


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