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Pakistani Baby Attends Parent’s Valima-Couple and Son Enter the Grand Gate Together



Recently, one of the hottest trending topic on the Internet is something that is rarely seen in our country. The newborn baby attended his parents’ wedding party!

Since their wedding reception, a couple from the Hafizabad district of Punjab has attracted the attention of social media users as they brought their two-month-old baby to the scene.

Photos of Rayan Khan and Anmol’s reception have been posted on social media since last week. The couple got married on March 13 last year. However, their reception has not yet been completed. As the COVID-19 wave prevailed, the government’s lockdown delayed their valuation.

The groom’s family is 25 years old and was originally scheduled to hold a wedding banquet on the second day of Bharat. However, the national ban on indoor and outdoor marriages has left their suspense in the air.

A few months later, in September, the government relaxed the restrictions. Although lucky to be received, the couple couldn’t for various reasons. This caused them to postpone the event further. Later, the time had come, and they were lucky to have a child.

In the end, earlier this week, the couple managed to keep their postponed work. When they wore a special wedding dress, they took their children into the wedding hall. Everyone at the reception is very happy.

“I am skeptical of those who laugh at me”
Sheikh said in an interview with Geo TV that they did not initially decide to bring their children into the marriage hall. He said: “It has been decided that the baby will accompany his grandparents and other families behind us.” “However, the child began to cry, which is why Anmore held him in his arms.”

He said: “When I realized that the image had spread, the function was not even completed.” “At first, I was a little skeptical about people making fun of me because my son was in La Valima, but In the end we decided to invite close friends and family, just because of the current coronavirus situation. ”

According to reports, the baby was born in January of this year two months ago. In order to make the event commemorative, they tried to hold the event on March 23, Pakistan Day.

Story Courtesy: Geo TV

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