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Facebook Wants Us To Solve Its Misinformation Problem



Facebook is increasingly willing to admit that it has a problem: There are many misinformation on its website.

But the company is still unwilling to do anything for this. Instead, he would rather leave the larger work to others: his users, his new board of supervisors, and his future supervisor in Washington, DC.

In the past week, Facebook has launched many new tools designed to solve bad content. For example, Facebook group moderators can now slow down comments on posts, so someone can only comment once every five minutes. Posts containing false information tend to attract a large number of comments from supporters and opponents, and the decision to add an emergency stop to the comments may theoretically reduce the attention attracted by such posts, thereby preventing the spread of information.

Then on Tuesday, the company announced that it has provided many new features for ordinary users, which means it can further reduce problematic voices. Comments on posts can now be restricted, and a new feed filter bar (a navigation tool for changing the content displayed on the user’s timeline) can be used. Now you can view posts based on timeline, friends or Facebook’s proprietary algorithm. This algorithm is currently the default choice and can be a tool for super dissemination of information. If everyone knows where to find the feed filter bar and remembers how to use it, then letting people choose to turn off algorithm-centric feeds can help limit the spread of misinformation.

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4-year-old Areesh has passed the Microsoft Certified Expert exam



A child prodigy in Karachi, Areesh Fatima, became a Microsoft Certified Expert at the age of 4.5. This feat made her a member of the Pakistani League, which was MCP certified at a very young age.

The Microsoft Certified Professional exam is usually taken by adults to show that they are consistent with today’s roles and technical requirements.

The minimum score to pass this exam is 700, and Areesh managed to get an amazing advantage of 831 on the exam.

Areesh is a smart kid with a clear memory. His parents found him to be commendable for his young professionalism and attention to detail. With memories as brilliant as him, Aresh plans to recite the Quran at the age of 6.

Areesh’s parents realized her ability and curiosity to learn new things through the Internet, and soon noticed her interest in computers. He is a computer scientist himself, and his father tried to channel Areesh’s curiosity to hone his computer skills.

While working from home during the pandemic, Areesh’s father Usama made sure to transfer his computer skills to his daughter slowly and steadily.

Soon after mastering all the techniques of computer science, Areesh quickly began to learn how to create and manage documents in Microsoft Word, format text and sections, create tables, and insert graphics into files.

Areesh has obtained the Microsoft Office technical certification, which enables candidates to familiarize themselves with the basic functions of the MS Office suite, thereby enabling them to demonstrate their skills in different MS Office applications, including creating and managing large Word documents, creating tables, reports and graphs And add a reference.

Areesh’s strong interest and early exposure to computers, coupled with the good advice of his parents, paved the way for him to achieve this milestone.

It’s too early to tell about future development, but Areesh’s skills and desire for computer literacy definitely herald his achievements.

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LG Finally Quit The Mobile Phone Industry



Earlier this year, LG Mobile released its financial report for the fourth quarter of 2020, which showed that the mobile division’s loss cap for the 2020 calendar year is 841.2 billion won (756.3 million U.S. dollars), and the company has been in a net loss state for six consecutive years.

LG announced in this report that it will “closely review the development direction of its mobile business” and “share its business development direction after determination.” According to reports, the company decided to exit the smartphone industry as early as next week.

“Korea Times” quoted industry sources as recently revealed that the company plans to officially announce the next week on April 5, 2021 after the LG board of directors decides the fate of de.well.

Allegedly, this move was ultimately unachievable after LG tried to negotiate the sale of its mobile phone division. LG officials said that the company is considering several strategies for its mobile business, including selling the entire division and splitting sales and exiting the smartphone business altogether.

As for employees, they are likely to be transferred to the household appliances department. However, since things still depend on the final board meeting, the exact fate of LG’s mobile division will be revealed next week.

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Facebook plans to launch three new projects in Pakistan: Zia Ullah Bangash



The social media giant Facebook is working for Pakistan. The company plans to launch three new projects in the country.

According to the detailed information provided by KPK Updates, efforts are currently being made to establish offices of well-known social media companies including Pakistan.

KPK Updates tweeted: “Facebook plans to launch three new projects in Pakistan.”

The tweet added that details were provided by the Chief Minister’s Adviser Khyber Pakhtunkhwa about Zia Ullah Bangash’s recent scientific and information technology contacts with Facebook .

When talking about developments, Bangash revealed that Facebook executives, officials from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) and IT experts convened a meeting. Legislation and compliance issues were also discussed.

Although the meeting went well in many ways, Bangash explained that Facebook intends to help the country by setting up an office in the near future.

Like YouTube, Facebook plans to monetize its entertainment model so that individuals and video content creators who wish to win the prize can benefit from it.

You can watch the full interview with Zia Ullah Bangash on ARY News here, where he explains in-depth the development process and how it benefits local content creators.

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